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Breather valves

Open valves
Storage tanks for bulk liquids can be provided with open valves to protect the tank against the build-up of overpressure (for example during loading). With the always opened atmospheric outlet, open valves are used with non-volatile or low volatility substances. Open valves are designed in such a way that no rain, dirt or other foreign objects can get into the tank.

Pressure and vacuum vents
Overpressure and underpressure vents can be assembled either separately or combined. The purpose of these products is to protect the tank during normal operation. This is understood to mean pressure changes as a result of thermal expansion or contraction and when filling or emptying the storage tank. Constant improvements in the design as well as the sealing material (expanda seal) ensure high efficiency, for instance with a maximum flow capacity and minimum evaporation of the tank contents.

Breather valves can be provided as an open version (atmospheric outlet). A closed version is also available when the product has to be diverted and further processed. Breather valves are loaded with weights as standard to obtain the required setting. Higher pressure settings are made possible by a spring-loaded version.

Overpressure and underpressure vents are available in different materials and sizes. They are provided with a suitable seal depending on the product stored and are available with the most used flange joints. When thorough corrosion resistance is required, breather valves can be required in PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or FRP (fibre-reinforced plastic).


- Protection of the storage tank against operational pressure changes (filling and emptying)
- Available as an open or closed version
- Higher pressure settings possible
- Available in corrosion-resistant materials


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