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Skid construction applications

Injection skid



We inject furfurol as a red marker in diesel to turn it into gas oil. Lower excise duty is charged on gas oil so it must be clearly recognisable. Red-colouring installations are fully sealed assemblies to prevent any form of fraud.


The addition of commercial additives increases fuel performance. These additive installations must be able to accurately add small quantities of product to a main flow. DCM EMBA engineers, assembles and installs these installations from A to Z.

Blending skid


Fatty Acid Methyl Ester is added to diesel to turn it into biodiesel. FAME is made of animal and vegetable oils and fats (e.g. frying fat). FAME helps to lower CO2 emissions and depending on the engine type can realise a considerable reduction in emissions of fine particulate matter and nitrogen. Blending rates from FAME for diesel vary between 10% and 30%.


HVO is a typical biofuel with the biggest advantage that fewer substances are emitted during use. CO2 emissions can be decreased by 10 to 100%. A second saving concerns particulate matter or PMx, where significantly less sulphur and aromatic compounds are emitted when use is made of HVO biofuel. Typical blending rates of HVO with diesel are between 5 and 15%.


Ethanol is added to petrol to turn it into biofuel. E10 is a petrol containing a maximum of 10% ethanol. This ethanol is produced from sustainably cultivated vegetation, from waste and residual flows. One can generally state that ethanol/petrol blends improve general fuel efficiency performance in engines.

Metering skid

A metering skid has the main aim of correctly and accurately measuring product flows. These skids usually fall under MID, meaning the whole skid and its components come under the metrological mark. Required work flows and the type of product determine the ultimate construction of the skid. Skids are controlled by a flow computer that operates standalone or as a local DCS slave.


Injection skids, blending skids, pump skids and metering skids are standard installations at DCM EMBA. Are you in search of a specific skid in which different processes can be combined?  DCM EMBA will be pleased to offer you further assistance.

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